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To increase immunity in children

A clean and well maintained clinic. But the best part is the diagnosis and treatment. Very patient, answers all questions you have and makes me feel comfortable as a patient and as a parent of a child needing medication. Every health issue we have in the family, she has been the first go-to person. Her long term medication for my son has helped improve his immunity and overall health. Thank you Dr. Divya!

- NeelaMadhav Suram
Back Pain

Used to have a niggling back pain that would almost render me immobile on certain days. Dr. Divya was very patient in listening to me and was quick in diagnosing the issue. The treatment she gave has greatly helped me and I have been without the recurrence of the same issue for the past couple of years. Even my mother who was having a chronic knee problem is able to walk better and without pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Divya and Aadya to all I know.

-Ashok V.A

I am patient of PIVD i.e protruded disc from last 7 years. I had MRI done for both cervical and lower spine at Fortis. And report showed further deterioration in my complete spine in terms of loss of lordosis, spinal stenosis, multiple osteophytes, nerve compression in lumbar region and diffused disc bulging in cervical region. Fortis suggested surgery. Then I went to Dr Divya with completely bad back condition where I couldn't even walk straight as my body was tilting towards right side, tingling, burning sensation in left leg till toe and tingling sensation in my left arm. She listened to me patiently and then made me understand that how our daily lifestyle - food habbits, work, wrong sitting posture etc leads to these conditions and she was very confident to cure my condition with comittment from my side of full co-operation in following discipline during treatment. Best thing is the positivity which she brings on the patient is the most powerful tool for postive treatment's results. She started with Kati Vasti and Vasti treatment for first eight days along with medication. We started getting improvement from day 3 onwards. It took bit longer around 3 months for me where we tried different therapies and now I am back to normal. It is worth mentioning about Mr Avinash who is medical therapist in the clinic, he is the best guy who does his job with full dedication, hardwork and more importantly from heart and give his 200% to get patient's complete satisfaction. Thanks Dr Divya.

-Mayank Dadhwal
Neck Pain

I consulted Dr Divya for stiffness in neck and shoulder region resulting from daily commute (25 Km one way everyday) and sedentary lifestyle of IT professional. In addition I also consulted her for low appetite . She has suggested holistic treatment including Ayurveda oil massage and medicines. I have been highly benefited by the treatment.

-Vinod Pranjpe

My wife was suffering from neck and shoulder pain, she took lots of Ayurveda medicine, no improvement. Dr. Divya thoroughly diagnosed and given medicine now she is alright there is no such pain. Thank you very much for the good service and care

-Varghese Melliese

Had an amazing experience with u.....the treatment u gave helped me a lot to reduce the pain.....nd I loved your ayurvedic facial and it's immidiate results.

-Sarika Bagrecha
Allergic Rhintis & Sirusitis

Best medication for all problems "i suffered from sinuses, after 7 days of treatment i found a magical result. I got rid off from allergies and nasal blockage. The clinic is hygenic and really good services. "

-Namratha Simha

A very tidy and well maintained clinic. Had the treatment for chronic cold to which always I had to take antibiotics in alopathy earlier. The medicines prescribed by Dr. Divya Pai greatly helped in recovery and there is no need to take antibiotics any more. Ayurveda is certainly a very good cure for cold and related ailments. I also experienced the massage therapy which greatly reduced body pain and helped reduce stress. Sure the clinic will do very good in future. Wishing the team good luck. Continue the good work!!

-Ganesh Kini

I and my daughter had common complaints of cough n cold for which I had a treatment at aadya ayurdhama ..I must say it worked well for us n I ll continue it in future too.thank you aadya ayurdhama.

-Ashwin Kamath
Knee Joint Pain

Hello Dr Divya , congratulation on doing such a great work in treating and helping the patients through your clinic with such patience and knowledge Ayurveda has helped my mother in getting recovery from arthritis .she is much better now .I feel aadya ayurdhama and you made sure of that . Also I feel Ayurveda can be the next alternative for her knee replacement and other joints related problems. Keep up the good work.

-Gagan Deep

After Divya's medication for knee pain my mother in law is feeling quite good. One should appreciate Divya's patience and the utmost care with which she listens to her patients.

-Shanthala Hegde
Migraine Headache

I have been suffering from migraine headache for many years now. Dr. Divya diagnosed my condition and prescribed a Panchakarma detox. I began the intense therapy with great hesitation (drinking lots of medicated ghee first thing in the morning, following the strict dietary recommendations). But I must say the intense detox helped me greatly with my headache . Thank you Dr. Divya for taking the headache away!

-Anasuya Devi

As I was looking for a good Ayurvedic doctor to get guidance and undergo panchakarma, I came across Aadya Ayurdhama and Dr. Divya. Though I had some idea that this therapy helps in detoxifying, rejuvenating and losing some unwanted weight, after meeting the doctor I determined to undergo the therapy. Dr. Divya is not only friendly and approachable, but seems experienced. I was extremely happy with her way of treatment. It's been 10 days now post my treatment. I feel light, healthy and amazing. Just follow the procedure as guided by the doctor, you would see the result exactly the way you want. Folks, one more thing. Post my therapy, the result was so good that my cousin as well took panchakarma treatment from her.

-Rekha Shashi
Joint Pains

Dr Divya pai is good and genuine doctor. She treated for pain related good relief. Afordable treatment and gives time to listen to patient swords.

-Suresh J
Digestion Complaints

I got treatment for skin and stomach bloating. It was very effective.Also not costly.Such a patient friendly doctor who responded patiently for all my doubts and questions.

-Sri Ranjani

My grandfather's diabetes got cured and my grandmother's joint pain is also better after consulting aadya ayurdhama

-Shivaji Dubey
General Reviews

It really awesome place to solve most of your health problems. Very good ayurveda clinic.

-Sudip Pradsad

Very good n friendly doctor.. Clinic is neat n clean.. Good place to solve health issues..

-Priya Kamath

Dr.Divya is very friendly doctor who gives solution to any health problems.. She is d best..

-Pavithra Kamath

Very good place where we can relieve and relax both physical and mental health more accurately with quite affordable rates compare to the other clinics nearby.Doctor is so friendly and also reach you at the earliest.

-Venkatesh Raju
General Recommendation about Clinic and Doctor

Wonderful treatment. Dr. Divya is so patient and gives perfect solutions to all ur problems. I am extremely pleased with the results.

-Angelina Murray

One of the best Ayurveda center around b g road. Dr Divya is really amazing, I has lot of patience to listen the health issue.. It's very neat and clean.. Therapists are good.. Totally it's very good to be here.. good luck dr divya..

-Radhika Nayak

Very effective treatment no sideeffect best clinic to take ayu treat thank u dr divya

-Mahima B.H

Dr. is known to me personnally. Jjustifies the profession with great passion and dedication. Diagnosis the problem well and prescibes right medicine, helped me to overcome the disease.

-Rohini R

Very impressed with the way doc looks at the problem and solutions. Not money minded at all. Picked up my call on Sunday as well during emergency. I am very interested with Dr. Divya Pai

-Pradeep Nayak

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